Sophie Wagman
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Creative Director, Photographer | Emily Galvin

Production Designer + Set Dresser + Prop Maker


Producer | Francesca Crichton

Lighting Design | Saif Al-Sobaihi

Stylist | Aidan Toohey

Makeup Artist | Annie Piacentini


A note from Emily:

"There are deeply rooted expectations of the way people should be or act. As a society, we often cling to assumptions without questioning or challenging them. MR. is a series of social commentary regarding the expectations of males in our culture. The subjects in the photographs are attached to presumptions of societal norms and obligations that linger over the male figure from generation to generation. In the context of each photograph, there is something off that you can't grasp entirely, an ever so present underlying disturbance hovering around the frame. Every image focuses on a category that the “ideal man” falls under; touching on topics such as economic stature, physicality, and patriarchal structures."


Mr. Fixit_ Men are supposed to have the inborn ability to fix things

Mr. Patriarch_ Competitive culture in males from generation to generation

Mr. Muscle_ Physical appearance a man is expected to have

Mr. Money_ Challenges the male as the provider

Mr. Performance_ How the male is expected to perform sexually

Mr. Sweetheart_ Assumptions of what a gentleman is entitled to


mood sketches by me, iphone process photos by me, film photos by aidan toohey